Privacy Policy

1. 3rd Party Cookies – We display third party ads on our website and ads providing companies use cookies which are stored on your local computer.

2. Email Privacy – You need to provide your email ID on this site in following cases

Comments – While commenting on post
Contact us – On the contact us page

Email IDs provided while commenting are stored on database but never will be used for any commercial purpose or rent/ sold to any third-party vendor. Basically these emails are required for communication (if needed) and to protect spam comments. Email addresses on contact us page never stored anywhere else.

3. Comment Privacy – All comments posted on will never be used for any commercial purpose. However, it’s not our guarantee if someone copy your comment(s).

4. Brand Names & Copyright – As it’s a website based on Android OS and gadgets running on android platform, we use brand names like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG etc on our posts, all brand names and logos used here are property of their respective owners.

NOTE: All above mentioned Terms and Policy are subject to change any time without notice and will be updated here as soon as possible.